POSH & Diversity Awareness - Health Report

1. . Are you aware of Supreme Court Guideline on POSH implementation ?

2. In last one year, have you organised/attended the program on diversity inclusion in your organisation ?

3. Do you agree that you do not need to run any special programs for gender Sensitivity as all Genders are equal ?

4. There is conscious effort and awareness on diversity in your organisation through various initiatives like special hiring drives ?

5. Are there specific Teams or Committees for reporting or redressal of Harassment Issues in your Institute/Organisation.

6. Do you agree that Sexual Harassment is not very common and we should just let it pass to settle things naturally ?

7. Does the harasser always need to be aware of the behaviour being offensive for the situation to be unlawful.

8. Does your organisation have more than 10 employees ?

9. Does your Organisation need to implement POSH guidelines even if you have HR discipline processes ?

10. Do you agree that all employees are adults and everyone understands the small off colour jokes here and there do not hurt and should not be taken as offence ?