POSH & Diversity Awareness - Health Report

1. Are you aware of Supreme Court Guideline on POSH, that any organization with more than 10 employees needs to implement POSH ?

2. In last one year, has your organization organized program on diversity inclusion / Sensitivity?

3. Are there conscious efforts and awareness on diversity in your organization through various initiatives like special hiring drives or diversity up skilling ?

4. Are there specific Teams or Committees for reporting of Harassment Issues in your Institute/ organization ?

5. Do you agree that Sexual Harassment is not very common and we should just let it pass to settle things naturally

6. Does your annual Director’s report contain implementation of POSH (prevention of sexual Harassment at Work place) in your organization

7. Does your Organization need to implement POSH guidelines even if you have HR discipline processes ?

8. Is it true that all employees are adults and everyone understands the small off color jokes here and there do not hurt and should not be taken as offence ?

9. I do not require an external person in ICC committee as my HR/ Internal team is equipped to handle any investigation ?

10. Will the complaints be kept confidential ?

11. Are you open to know more about making workplace safe, secure and provide positive work environment to all employees? (Not a part of evaluation) ?