POSH & Diversity

There is no choice or option for inclusive culture at workplace. A Diverse Culture translates to happy, friendly and productive environment. It is not difficult to create an environment that is protected, warm, friendly and safe; it just requires focus and attention. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace guideline is given by Supreme Court of India and is called POSH.
The most effective weapon against sexual harassment is awareness.

  • Harassment does not disappear on its own.
  • In fact, it is more likely that when the problem is not addressed, the harassment will worsen and become more difficult to remedy as time goes on.

Having Diversity means diversity of thoughts, respect and sensitivity which prevails in the environment as an Unwritten Rule.

  • Diversity appreciating culture surely result in better companies, higher performance, higher satisfaction, low attrition, more discipline, more colour and enthusiasm at workplace.

The program is designed to appreciate diversity . The steps are acknowledging diversity, understanding the differences , appreciating and working on strengths.


POSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, which is Supreme Court Guideline needed to be implemented in organisations/institutes with more than 10 Employees.

Sexual harassment is any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature which makes a person feel humiliated, intimidated or offended.
Sexual harassment can take many different forms and may include physical contact, verbal comments, jokes, propositions, the display of offensive material or other behaviour which creates a sexually hostile working environment.

The ambit of the Sexual Harassment Act is very wide and is applicable to the organized sector as well as the unorganized sector. In view of the wide definition of ‘workplace’, the statute, applies to any office with more than 10 Employees. As per the Sexual Harassment Act, a workplace also covers within its scope places visited by employees during the course of employment or for reasons arising out of employment – including transportation provided by the employer & offsite official get togethers.

You need to ensure implementation of

  • POSH policy
  • Sensitisation of all employees
  • Formation of ICC Committee
  • Training of ICC on investigation procedure, confidentiality, timelines, format of reports etc
  • External member mandatory, who ensures fairness, neutrality, right steps for implementation of POSH policy
  • Filing of annual report to appropriate authorities and POSH compliance to be part of Director’s report.

We take care of complete POSH implementation in your institute/organisation in all offices across the country. The thorough approach covers:

  • POSH policy
  • Leadership sessions
  • ICC Committee Formation
  • ICC Committee Training
  • Sensitization of all employees
  • Assistance in filing the Annual Report
  • External Member Support
  • Survey on diversity inclusive cultures
  • Posters and Other Mailers Facilitation